Are you searching for information on where is the oldest tree in Oregon? If so, you’ve come to the right place. As of 2022, Oregon still has a vast amount of ancient trees across the state that are reminders of the longevity of trees as well as their importance toContinue Reading

Best Oregon Wineries

Searching for information on the Best Oregon Wineries? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Oregon is an excellent state for wineries, and there’s nothing better than visiting our state during the fall because it’s a great time to go on a winery tour and check out the wideContinue Reading

oregon trail

Are you in the mood for an adventure?  If so, you may want to consider traveling the Oregon Trail. Established by Lewis and Clark in the 19th century, the Oregon Trail is one of the main routes through the United States (other than Route 66), that has a ton ofContinue Reading


Are you thinking about taking an Oregon road trip this summer but you’re also wondering where are the best views in Oregon? Besides being a state that has plenty of excellent recreation options, Oregon is one of the top states for taking in beautiful views, this is why in thisContinue Reading

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Most Portland restaurants, like others across the United States, had a rough 2020 as sit-down dinning was restricted and restaurants in the PDX area faced huge losses. Thankfully, with a new year also comes fresh opportunities and as more people are getting vaccinated for Covid-19, restaurants are also reopening acrossContinue Reading

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If you’ve been a fan of this website for a while, you agree with us that Oregon is Beautiful because you enjoy the beaches, trails, and the wide variety of diverse towns that our state has to offer, but what about the backcountry? Oregon’s Backcountry is by far one ofContinue Reading