painted hills

Painted Hills – Discover One Of the Most Beautiful Destinations In Oregon

Are you thinking about taking a road trip this weekend? If you live in Oregon? You should consider traveling to the Painted Hills.

Located about 4 hours from Portland, the Painted Hills are one of the top travel destinations in Oregon because people go there every year to see the reds, blacks, golds and yellow colors in the beautiful hills.

The colors in the hills are constantly changing due to the light and moisture levels so this also makes the fall and winter months a great time to visit because, when you add moisture to the soil, it’s like witnessing an Impressionist painting come to life.

Exploring The Painted Hills

Besides exploring the natural beauty of the John Day Fossil Beds that are in the area, there’s also the nearby town of Shaniko to explore, Kam Wah Chung Co museum, and plenty of restaurants in the area, if you’re in the mood for a cold drink or a hot meal.

From the moment that you first visit the Painted Hills, you will be struck by the rich color of the land and undulations in the soil. Many people have described their first visits there like what they imagined it might be like to visit Mars since the hues of the soil will make you think of the color of the soil that’s been beamed back from the Mars rovers over the years.

If you’re an avid photographer, or someone who wants to take some cool pictures to post to Instagram, this is one of the best spots in Oregon for photographs because you can certainly find topography here that can’t be found elsewhere in the United States.

Where To Stay And Eat In The Area

After you’ve visited the Painted Hills, you may be wondering where you should stay or eat in the area? The good news is that this Oregon tourist destination is only 22 minutes away from nearby Mitchell, a cool little town that offers good food at the Bridge Creek Café and Tiger Town Brewing Company.

There’s also plenty of decent motels in Mitchell or if you feel adventurous, head over to nearby Prineville, where there’s wide variety of hotels, inns and pet friendly places to stay for the night.