Haystack Rock

Are you thinking about taking a road trip this summer and are interested in traveling to the most beautiful spots in Oregon?

One of the great things about living in Oregon is that there’s no shortage of beautiful places to visit.

In this article, we will cover some of the most beautiful spots in Oregon that you should consider adding to your next Oregon adventure.

Oregon Back Country

Mt Hood

Located less than two hours from Portland is the first destination on our list, Mt Hood, one of Oregon’s most picturesque and iconic mountains.

What’s ideal about Mt Hood is that it’s open all year and offers a wide variety of things to do including skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and more!

Most people love visiting Mount Hood first because it’s the highest mountain in the state of Oregon and it also has a classic timberline lodge that’s been in existence for over 80 years.

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Haystack Rock

Off the coast of Cannon Beach Oregon is one of the most widely photographed Oregon tourist attractions, Haystack Rock.

It’s been attracting the attention of travelers since the beginning of time because it’s hard to miss and is beautiful to photograph all year long.

Besides just being a big ole rock off the coastline, the area surrounding Haystack Rock has some awesome tidepools, diverse birdlife, and a fantastic beach that’s easy to enjoy during the summer months compared to other beaches nationwide.

Crater Lake National Park - photo by @nicholas_esposito
Crater Lake National Park – photo by @nicholas_esposito
Crater Lake

The deep blue water of Crater Lake is amazing and something that you have to see for yourself at least once because pictures just can’t capture how beautiful it is.

Crater Lake is conveniently located just two hours from most towns in Oregon so you can easily incorporate a date at this Oregon tourist attraction into your road trip schedule or you can spend a few days enjoying everything that the lake has to offer.

From hiking, biking, skiing, and camping, there’s something for everyone at Crater Lake. If you decide to come here make sure you study the local weather report because it has been known to snow here occasionally during the summer so you should come prepared for all types of weather.

Columbia River Gorge – photo by @christinisanderswo

Columbia River Gorge

Located just one hour outside Portland is the Columbia River Gorge, another of Oregon’s most beautiful spots to visit.

This destination is fantastic because it offers the largest natural scenic area in Oregon thanks to its stunning views and endless places to explore.

If you want to just take a scenic drive through the Columbia River Gorge, you can do that too and there are also excellent shops, stores, restaurants, and other fun things to do along the way that make this one of Oregon’s heavily traveled destinations each year.

Smith Rock State Park - Photo by @weownthemoment
Smith Rock State Park – Photo by @weownthemoment

Smith Rock

Last of all is Smith Rock, it’s located in Central Oregon just outside the town of Redmond and it’s also another excellent spot for hiking, biking, walking, camping, and spending time outdoors.

Smith Rock is also an awesome destination because there’s plenty of great hotels in Redmond so you can stay in the area for a few days and enjoy the beauty of Smith Rock or head over to Prineville and Sisters to explore the beauty that those areas offer.

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