Indoor Dining Is Expanding Across Oregon As Covid-19 Levels Are Declining

Indoor Dining Is Expanding Across Oregon As Covid-19 Levels Are Declining

Indoor dining across Oregon has taken a hit over the last 12 months (like the rest of the country), as Covid-19 has forced counties to strictly limit indoor dining or require restaurants to only allow outdoor dining.

Thankfully, as we get closer to spring, the good news is that indoor dining is expanding across Oregon as Covid-19 levels are declining across the state.

This means that most restaurants, craft breweries, and wineries across the state will be able to reopen, just in time for the summer months, and businesses can finally start recovering economically following the hash effects that Coronavirus has had on the state of Oregon.

Back To Normal? Or The New Normal?

Even though indoor dining is coming back across Oregon, the reality is that we shouldn’t expect things to get back to normal, as they were before the start of the Pandemic.

With vaccinations still rolling out across the United States, and the CDC mandating mask-wearing through 2022, it’s like that we face a slow recovery ahead as the country takes ‘baby steps’ to get things back to where they were before Covid-19.

Besides mask-wearing, it’s likely, we will also still see social distancing rules encouraged across Oregon, along with tables at restaurants being spaced six feet apart, since most restaurant owners don’t want to face the prospect of shutting down again.

Time To Plan Your Oregon Trip?

Oregon is open for business, so yes you should plan your Oregon road trip or vacation, but when it comes to your favorite restaurant, you should still check their website (or call them) to verify that they are going to be open and offering indoor dining when you come.

The State of Oregon has been seeing sharp weekly declines in Covid-19 cases but with flare-ups and mutations of Coronavirus occurring nationwide, we have to be prepared for anything as Oregon, and the nation embraces the new normal.

What restaurants are you looking forward to visiting when you travel to Oregon? Leave us a comment on this post and let us know.