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Cycling Contributed $1.5 Billion To Oregon’s Economy In 2019


Everyone who has either visited or lived in Oregon knows that cycling is a way of life here because Oregon is one of the best states for owning a bike. After all, cities from the most cities across Oregon have a wide variety of excellent trails to choose from.

Thanks to the recent Outdoor Recreation Economic Impact Study, we know that biking brought in about $1.5 billion to Oregon’s economy in 2019. This is huge because it shows the impact that cycling has on the state and how it plays a major part in Oregon’s economy.

Where To Go Cycling In Oregon

If you’ve never been to Oregon before and are wondering where are the best places to go cycling? Here’s a breakdown of the best biking spots across Oregon:

Coast – From Brookings to Seaside, there are so many excellent spots for riding to choose from along the Oregon Coast that it would be too hard for us to pick just one trail!

Instead of choosing just one route along the coast, why not ride the entire coastline? It’s 370 miles and the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Oregon’s Coastline.

It’s best to take this journey during late summer, or early fall because the weather is still warm and there are fewer tourists on the roads than in spring or the beginning of summer.

Central – We love biking in Central Oregon because there are so many great towns to choose from to enjoy life on a bike.

For best results with cycling in Central Oregon, we suggest cycling some of the trails in the Sisters area before heading down to Redmond then Bend.

Eastern – Last of all is Eastern Oregon, when cycling here you will want to experience great destinations like the Painted Hills. Just be sure to plan if you go cycling here during the summer months and you want to make sure that you have the right supplies for your journey.

Go Cycling In Oregon 

Make 2021 your best year every by going cycling in Oregon! It’s a great way to experience the outdoors and enjoy everything that makes Oregon a beautiful state!