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Are you searching for information on Oregon mini-vacations? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

One of the many great things about living in Oregon is that it’s also a great state to take a mini-vacation because, there are so many wonderful towns that you could drive to within a few hours and break away from the stress of daily life, or enjoy a wonderful mini-vacation with a friend, family member or loved one.

This article will break down one of the best places that you should consider taking a mini-vacation in Oregon.

Take A Mini Vacation At Cannon Beach

If you’re new to Oregon, or you lived here your entire life, one of the best places that you should consider taking a mini-vacation is Cannon Beach.

Located just 90 minutes from Portland, Cannon Beach has been one of the top tourist destinations in Oregon for over a hundred years.

What’s great about Cannon Beach is that they offer lots of restaurants, shops, stores, and hotels in the area so there’s never a shortage of places to stay, eat, or things to do.

Since it is a beach destination, Cannon Beach is a fun place to visit during the summer months because, when the temperature is in the triple digits in other areas of Oregon, Cannon Beach, and the Oregon coast has a whole, typically have temps in the high 60’s or 70’s. This means that you can easily enjoy a summer trip at a beach location or you’re not going to get badly sun burned, compared to other Beach cities in the United States.

When Should You Visit?

Let’s say that you want to visit Cannon Beach during the fall, or winter, the great thing about this Oregon tourist attraction is that since most people are inclined to visit Cannon Beach during the summer, you can find great at local hotels and the beaches are not going to be as busy as they normally would be during the summer months.

Haystack Rock is my favorite spot to visit whenever I come to Cannon Beach because this iconic rock can be easily viewed from the beach and it reminds me of one of the famous Haystacks that impressionist painter Claude Monet painted during his career.

I’m not just a fan of Haystack Rock, I also enjoy combing the beach for shells, rocks, or spending time with my kids while they play in the sand. If you haven’t visited Cannon Beach before, you should check it out, especially during the fall or winter because, it’s a great place to experience nature and another reason why Oregon is beautiful.