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Blockbuster Video has been a part of movie history for over 30 years after launching as Video Library in the 1980’s and seeing huge success in the 1990’s thanks to the growth of the home entertainment market.

I remember spending many Friday nights growing up renting movies that I rented from Blockbuster Video, including having to call my local Blockbuster to see if copies of the latest releases were returned so that I could watch them.

Blockbuster Video was also my first job in 1994 and I was able to share my passion for movies along with other movie buffs because we were given free rentals each week and there was nothing better than that for a young movie fan.

Now A Part Of Movie History

Sadly, Blockbuster days were numbered with the growth of high-speed internet in the early 2000s because movie fans could watch their favorite movies at home on the Internet and avoid having to go to their local Blockbuster to rent them.

The video rental chain officially went out of business in 2014 but that hasn’t caused the owners of the last Blockbuster Video location in Bend Oregon to shut their doors. They have remained open as the world has embraced services like Netflix and other on-demand movie services.

blockbuster video

Blockbusters Last Location Is Still Open

Sensing the nostalgia of movie fans, the owners of the last Blockbuster location, in Bend Oregon, have recently converted their store into an Airbnb that people can rent for a limited time this month!

Unlike some Airbnb’s across Oregon, this location won’t rent for hundreds per night, you can rent the last Blockbuster in America for only $4 per night starting this month.

Since 2019’s Captain Marvel, which featured several 1990’s era scenes in a Blockbuster Video location, movie fans have been eager to learn more about this piece of movie history.

If you want to get a taste of what Blockbuster Video was like in its heyday, you should spend a night at the last Blockbuster Video in America. To book your stay, go to by clicking here.