Cannon Beach Oregon - photo by @emmett_sparling

Are you planning an Oregon Sight Seeing trip in the coming months? If so, fall is a great time to visit our state because the weather is cooler and that creates a perfect opportunity to see everything that the state has to offer.

In this article we will share with you the top Oregon Sight Seeing destinations that you should consider adding to your travel literary.

Oregon Sight Seeing
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Oregon Sight Seeing Destinations

Mount Hood

Located about one hour from Portland, Mount Hood is one of the most well-known sightseeing destinations in Oregon, and the Pacific Coast, because it’s one of the tallest mountains in the United States, and it’s an excellent mountain to visit all year long.

Best time of year to visit Mount Hood – Even though it’s open all year, the best time of year to visit Mount Hood is April trough June, or in early August, because these months are usually when you can visit the mount uninterrupted.

If you love skiing and snowboarding, the best time of year to visit Mount Hood for Oregon Sight Seeing is in December through January because this is when snow conditions are at their best.

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Haystack Rock

Head to Cannon Beach and you will eventually see the iconic Haystack Rock, along the Oregon Coast.

Haystack Rock is one of the most defining features that Oregon has to offer and also well-known because it’s the first thing that people usually see if they are driving, flying, or sailing into Oregon.

Best time of year to visit Haystack Rock – The best time of year to visit Oregon’s Haystack rock is between August and September because this is when the weather is usually at it’s best and the most predictable.

Let’s say that you enjoy winter weather though, in this case, you should visit Haystack Rock during November through March because this is when you should be able to see some blustery weather and enjoy great conditions for rock hunting along the coast.

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Crater Lake

Established as a National Park in 1902, Crater Lake National Park is one of the oldest National Park’s in the United States and the lake is one of the deepest in the world since it reaches a depth of 1,949 feet deep!

Best time of year to visit Crater Lake – Since Crater Lake can get a lot of snow here, especially as late as June, the best time of year to visit Crater Lake is between July and August since this is when the roads have opened up and the temperature if the warmest that it will be all year long.

Most people usually spend about two days Oregon Sight Seeing on their visit to Crater Lake since this is usually the right amount of time to see the entire lake and enjoy your time here.

Besides Mount Hood, Haystack Rock, and Crater Lake, some of the other destinations that you should consider seeing when you visit Oregon include the Heceta Head Lighthouse along the Oregon Coast, Smith Rock State Park in Central Oregon, and St. John’s Bridge which is located in North Portland Oregon.