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If you’re visiting Oregon, or you live here, and are in the mood for a weekend getaway you should drive to Waldport Oregon, where the forest meets the sea.

Waldport is a quiet city on the Oregon Coast. It’s frequently passed up for other cities like Seaside but residents here wouldn’t have it any other way because they like to keep Waldport a small family friendly town like it’s always been.

What makes Waldport unique is that they have miles of private beaches and lush forests that stretch as far as the eyes can see combined with a small-town charm that makes this community ideal for people who are looking for an escape from a busy city.

Alsea Bay Bridge
Alsea Bay Bridge – Image credit Flickr

Waldport Oregon History

Founded in the 1870’s, Waldport means “forest port” in German because the first settlers here were German and decided to name the town after the first thing that they saw which was the forest.

If you come to Waldport there is a wonderful interpretive center with great displays and photographs of the history of Waldport and the Alsea Bay Bridge.

The interpretive center also has a really nice timeline going back to the very early 1800s, the display includes opportunities for visitors to answer questions about travel times over the 200-year period from Northern to Southern Oregon border.

You will even see the wheels that would have been used on vehicles at various intervals as well as the surface of roadway those vehicles would have encountered.

When the original 1936 bridge was replaced in 1991, they were even able to salvage a short piece of the side railing and it is displayed in the center as well. It is a very nice place to spend an hour or two learning about Waldport’s history.

Things to Do in Waldport

Like many towns along the Oregon Coast, there’s a wide variety of things to do in Waldport including kayaking, hiking, biking, beach combing and generally enjoying the peace and solitude that only the Oregon Coast can offer you.

When you visit the area, you should also visit Canal Creek and visit the many sea lions that also call this area home as well.

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