Have you been searching for information about camping spots along the Oregon Coast? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In this last issue of our 3-part series, we’re going to provide you with more great information about some of the best camping spots that you should consider visiting along the Oregon Coast.

Peter Iredale Shipwreck - Fort Stevens State Park
Peter Iredale Shipwreck – Fort Stevens State Park

Fort Stevens State Park

Located at 100 Peter Iredale Road in Hammond, Oregon is Fort Stevens State Park. This Oregon Coast camping destination is an ideal spot for camping because it’s one of the biggest campgrounds along the coast and has over 300 spots for tent camping along with 150 spots for RV’s.

As with any Oregon Coast camping destination, you should book your reservation in advance, online, just so you can know that if you come here, you’re going to have a place to pitch your tent or park your RV.

At Fort Stevens State Park, you will also find lots of amenities like flushing toilets, shower houses, running water, and a cool amphitheater that also shows educational movies during the week.

What’s best of all about this camping spot along the Oregon Coast is the remnants of the Peter Iredale, a sailing ship that was grounded in 1906 and the ship has gradually worn away over the last 100 years so that only a small section of the ship’s hull is left.

If you have children, they will enjoy this location, especially since there’s also a beautiful sandy beach for them to play on and this spot has been classified as a great destination for clamming during the year as well.

Haystack Rock

Wrights For Camping

Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach is without a doubt one of the most iconic attractions along the Oregon Coast and Wrights For Camping makes a great place to camp for the night with Haystack Rock as the backdrop.

This Oregon Coast camping spot is located at 334 Reservoir Road in Cannon Beach and it’s a camping spot that everyone should add to their camping “bucket list” to visit at least once in their lives because of the natural beauty of this area is truly amazing.

Unlike Fort Stevens State Park, Wrights For Camp is a smaller campground so you should book your reservation here in advance since this spot only offers just 22 camp spots but it’s well worth the trip!

Beverly Beach State Park

Beverly Beach State Park

Last, of all, another awesome camp spot along the Oregon Coast that you should check out is Beverly Beach, State Park.

Yes, there are a lot of great spots along the Oregon Coast to go camp and Beverly Beach State Park is one of those spots because this destination is close to Depoe Bay and Newport, so there’s plenty of things to do in the area plus there’s also tons of natural beauty to enjoy.

The campground is located at 198 Northeast 123rd Street in Newport, Oregon. You will find 250 campsites here that can be used for both tent and RV camping plus there are also amenities including running water, showers, and flushing toilets.

That’s it for this series on Oregon Coast camping destinations! If you have a favorite camping spot along the Oregon Coast that we may have missed, feel free to let us know by leaving us a comment on this post!


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