Summer has always been a great time to be in Oregon because there traditionally is no shortage of concerts, art shows, and other events to enjoy across the state but in 2020, Covid-19 has changed that.

Sadly, Oregon’s music and art industries have been hit hard due to the Pandemic as people as concerts and gatherings are temporally banned across the state as Oregon continues to grapple with Coronavirus.

Thankfully, the music and arts community across the state were given a “lifeline” recently when $50 million was allocated from the Cares Act and this means that live music, festivals, and other cultural venues will be able to survive for the coming months.

Hopeful For The Future

Like many businesses in Oregon, organizations like the Oregon Ballet Theater, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and the Oregon Symphony are struggling to survive and are hopeful for the future.

The good news is that thanks to the $50 million that was distributed from the CARES Act fund, music, arts, and cultural businesses will be able to survive for a little while longer in the hopes that they will be able to reopen and start doing business once again.

Here’s a snapshot of several arts and cultural businesses that received money from the Cares Act.

  • The Old Church Concert Hall – $87,500
  • Portland Center State at The Armory – $875,000
  • Oregon’s Ballet Theater – $630,000
  • Oregon’s Shakespeare Festival – $4.7 million
  • Oregon Symphony – $1.75 million

How You Can Help Keep Oregon Music Alive

Even though most live music venues, concerts, and festivals are closed right now, the reality is that those bands, singers, and musicians that play in those venues are still keeping their music alive by playing at home for online audiences, recording new albums and doing everything that they can to keep music alive.

You can help Oregon’s music and arts industries by donating money to organizations like the Oregon Symphony, your favorite local band, artist, or musician because those donations will help those people to keep their music going so that they can perform live once again in, hopefully shortly.

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