In a world where many Oregon businesses have shut down permanently in recent months due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the good news is that there are a wide variety of businesses across the state that are thriving.

One industry that’s thriving during the pandemic is mobile pet grooming. This makes sense because our pets will always continue to have needs, especially for grooming, regardless if there is a pandemic or not.

In Portland, Green Whiskers, a local PDX area business has thrived over the last 90 days, especially when businesses were locked down and people were encouraged to stay at home.

Kelly’s Mobile Paw Spa, another local Portland area business has also thrived during the pandemic and they are currently taking up to 20 phone calls per day from local Portland-area residents and they don’t see any sign of slowing down.

Image credit - St. Louis Public Radio

Curbside And Home Delivery Continues To Thrive

Even though many local businesses in the Portland area have reopened in recent weeks, the harsh reality is that coronavirus continues to have an impact on the restaurant industry.

With indoor dining no longer an option for Oregon restaurants (at least for the foreseeable future), most restaurants have turned to offering curbside pickup for their customers as well as home delivery.

Besides restaurants offering home delivery, alcohol delivery has also thrived during the pandemic, especially the delivery of beer, wine, and distilled spirits.

This of course has kept many wineries, distilleries, craft breweries, and other alcohol-related businesses across Oregon alive during the pandemic because these businesses have not been able to have customers in their storefront locations as they did in the past.

Don’t Forget To Support An Oregon Business

As life slowly returns to normal across Oregon, one of the most important things that everyone who lives here or is planning on visiting the state should remember to do is to support an Oregon business.

Taking the time to support Oregon’s business will help to keep that business alive during the months to come since the COVID-19 continues to be something that’s impacting every aspect of our daily lives.

Like other people who live in the state of Oregon, we hope that the pandemic will end soon because we want to be able to enjoy our favorite restaurants again, go to concerts, watch movies, shop in local stores without face masks and enjoy everything that there is to enjoy about Oregon.

Thankfully, even though the pandemic persists, we’re not locked down like we were back in March and April. This means that we can still have the ability to enjoy most of the things that we know and love about the state of Oregon, including the products and services of local Oregon businesses, so that’s why it’s important for anyone who lives in Oregon or is planning on visiting the state to remember to support a local Oregon business any way they can.


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