Horseback Riding In Oregon

Are you interested in going horseback riding in Oregon?

Horseback riding is a timeless recreational activity because there’s nothing more exciting than exploring a new area or going up a trail on horseback.

If you’ve never been horseback riding in Oregon before, this article will provide you with a list of horseback riding tours and trails in Oregon.

Horseback Riding Tours

Let’s say that you haven’t gone horseback riding before and are looking for the best way to get started.

Thankfully, there are a variety of horseback riding tours to choose from that will enable you to have your first horseback riding experience.

Dry Creek Falls in Cascade Locks

Want the ultimate Oregon horseback riding adventure? Thanks to the Double Mountain Horse Ranch, now you can enjoy the waterfalls of Cascade locks while on horseback. The cost is $240, but it’s worth the investment considering that you’re going to have experiences that you won’t have elsewhere.

The Oregon Coast is also a great place to go horseback riding. Some of the stables along the Oregon Coast that you might want to consider visiting for your horseback riding tour include C & M Stables (Florence), Green Acres Beach and Trail Rides (Cloverdale), and Rock Creek Stables (Otis).

Top Horseback Trails In Oregon

Canyon Creek Meadows Loop

Located near Camp Sherman, Canyon Creek Meadows Loop is more than seven miles in length and heavily trafficked during the week so you will want to get here early if you want to avoid people. Keep in mind that this trail is rated as ‘moderate’ so come prepared. Also, this trail is open from May to November, and dogs are allowed, but they must remain on a leash.

Misery Ridge and Summit Trail Loop

At close to 6 miles in length, the Misery Ridge and Summit Trail Loop is a fun and challenging trail to go horseback riding. Here you will find a nicely groomed trail that people enjoy from March until October each year.

Besides these Oregon horseback riding trails, here are a few more trails that you should consider adding to your bucket list of horseback riding trails to visit in Oregon

  • L.L. (Stub) Stewart State Park (Buxton)
  • Lost Lake Butte Trail (Portland)
  • Paradise Park Trail (Mount Hood)
  • Gales Creek Trail at Reehers Camp (Timber)
  • McDonald Forest (Benton County)

Things To Bring When Horseback Riding

Before heading out to go horseback riding in Oregon, here are several things that you should bring with you that will make for a more enjoyable experience:

Water – Always pack at least one bottle because temperatures can easily reach the 90’s during the summer in some parts of Oregon.

Food – Stick with packing snack foods like granola bars, nuts, or trail mix because these foods will be easy to pack and convenient to have when you are horseback riding.

First-aid – You should have a small first aid kit available just in case you, or someone else on the trail falls off their horse and is injured.

Rain Gear – In Oregon, the rainy season can start as early as October, so depending on when you’re reading this article, you shouldn’t hesitate to bring a poncho or waterproof jacket to keep you dry while you are on the trail.

Some of the other things that you should include before going horseback riding are a cell phone, compass, whistle, bug spray, and sunscreen.

Coming prepared could save your life or the life of someone else on the trail.

Horseback riding is a great way to have an outdoor adventure, don’t let another summer pass you by without going horseback riding, you won’t regret it!

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