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If you ask anyone about their first impression of Oregon if they’ve never been here is that the state gets a lot of rain, but that can’t be further from the truth, especially when you visit the Dalles, the sun-drenched Eastern entrance to the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

Described as “sun-national”,  The Dalles is located just 75 miles east of Portland and enjoys 300 days of Sun every year. What’s even better than the sun is the recreational activities that can be enjoyed in this area include: hiking, cycling, fishing, river rafting and so much more.

People don’t just move to The Dalles to live a more active lifestyle, they also come here to enjoy the finer things in life including great restaurants, vineyards, and a beautiful landscape which has wildflowers blooming throughout the year.

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Cherry City

The Dalles is a major producer of Cherries! Bing, Rainier, Royal Ann’s and our most popular – Maraschino’s! The Dalles produces the most cherries per capita in the world! With most of our cherries going to desserts. Ben & Jerry’s, Dryers & Byers all use our cherries for their ice cream! Now THAT is a delicious fact!

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One Of The Oldest Places In Oregon

The Dalles is one of the oldest permanently occupied places in Oregon, significant to Native people for over ten millennia and to Euro-American settlers since the 1830s. The city, the largest in Wasco County, is located on a bend of the Columbia River at the east end of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. As the center of navigation on the Mid-Columbia River, The Dalles is the county seat and was known as the Gateway to the Inland Empire, a jumping-off spot for pioneers, soldiers, gold miners, and adventurers.

For more than ten thousand years before Euro-Americans arrived in the Pacific Northwest, Native people gathered on the banks of the Columbia River to fish and trade. During the summer and fall fish seasons, the population of the area swelled dramatically as people from other bands gathered there for trade and interaction. The Wasq’ó-pam (Wasco), the People of the Horn-bowl, lived in the area; their descendants are now members of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs. The area around The Dalles—including Horsethief Lake, Wakemap Mound, Atlatl Valley, and Roadcut—is one of the most significant archaeological regions in the Pacific Northwest.

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