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There is nothing that says ‘Oregon Adventure’, more than going hunting for sea glass along the Oregon coastline because the shiny bits and pieces of glass can almost seem like treasure after spending a day combing the Sands of a local Oregon beach.

In this article, we will provide you with 13 Great Destinations choose from where you could go hunting for sea glass along the Oregon coastline.

Harris Beach State Park

Located in Brookings is Harris Beach, State Park. This beach is by far one of my most favorite destinations for hunting for sea glass along the Oregon Coast because, it’s easy to access, enjoys warm weather even during the winter, and doesn’t always have a lot of crowds.

McVay Rock State Recreation Site

Besides being an excellent destination for finding sea glass on Oregon’s Coastline, here you will also find a great spot for surfing, whale watching, fishing, and clamming.

Gold Beach

Just 30 minutes from Brookings is the town of Gold Beach. Here you will find another great beach for hunting for sea glass along the Oregon Coastline and there are also tons of other fun things to do in the area including Jet Boat tours and more.

Arcadia Beach

There are so many great beaches near Gold Beach and Arcadia Beach certainly qualifies as being an excellent beach to go treasure hunting! This beach also doesn’t get a ton of tourists either so you can spend the day looking for sea glass or other fun stuff here without seeing many people.

Whaleshead Beach

If you’re searching for a beach that offers different terrain, visit Whaleshead Beach. It’s a little rugged getting down to the sand but it’s still easy to access. There’s plenty of sea glass, agates and other treasures to be found here!

Lone Ranch Beach

Besides offering sea glass and other treasures to be found, Lone Ranch Beach also offers some great tide pools too so bring your kids and come at low tide because that’s when it’s best to go hunting for sea glass, rocks, and other fun stuff.


Arizona Beach State Recreation Site

Another great place to go hunting for sea glass, agates, driftwood, and other treasures along the Oregon Coastline is Arizona Beach State Recreation Site. This beach is easy to access and not always crowded so it’s possible to spend the entire day here without seeing more than a few people.

Lincoln City

Continue searching for sea glass along Oregon’s coastline at Lincoln City. The best time to come here is between October through May because that’s when it’s the best time to find sea glass plus locals also are known to hide glass floats on local beaches and this encourages more people to come here to go exploring.


Built on a hillside that overlooks the beach is the town of Oceanside. Here you will find a great beach for hunting for sea glass, rocks, agates, driftwood, and more. A word of warning though, Oceanside is so quaint and has tons of ambiance that you might want to stay here so be prepared to fall in love with this little town!

Seal Rock State Park

Want to do more than just hunt for sea glass along the Oregon Coastline? If so, head over to Seal Rock State Park. Here you will find a habitat for marine life including sea birds, sea lions, tide pools, and more.

Beverly Beach

Continue driving further up north and you will reach the town of Beverly Beach. Here you will find a tranquil sandy beach, sea glass and other beach treasures plus a beautiful view of lighthouse too.

Cannon Beach (Haystack Rock)

Haystack Rock is one of the most ‘iconic’ parts of Oregon’s coastline and it’s also a great place to come hunting for sea glass. A word of warning, this beach does get a lot of tourists so if you decide to go beach combing here, come later in the afternoon or early in the morning.

Tillamook Bay

Last on our list of great places to take an Oregon Adventure and hunt for sea glass along the Oregon Coastline is Tillamook Bay. At 6 miles in length, and two miles wide, this beach offers endless space for hunting for treasure along the coastline.

Tip – Before visiting any of the beaches in this post, you should check out the tide map for each beach and visit at low tide because this is typically the best time to hunt for sea glass along Oregon’s beaches. Check out tide maps by >>> clicking here.

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