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Will Oregon’s Schools Reopen? If so, When?


If you ask any Oregon parent, they will tell you that they’re ready to send their kids back to school and if their children give an honest opinion, they are going to admit that they are ready to return to school as well.

Even though most children are ready for schools to reopen, the big question is when are schools going to reopen? And will schools be able to reopen safely?

The Federal Government May Push For School Reopening’s

As we get closer to November 2020, and another presidential election, President Trump is eager for the United States to get back to “normal” even though coronavirus cases have been spiking across the country, especially in Oregon.

This leads to the question of will schools be able to safely reopen this year? And will extra measures have to be put into place to protect children?

The president indicated this week that he would consider withholding Federal funding if schools in across the United States did not reopen in the fall but will that pressure schools to reopen too soon?

In his most recent tweets, the president also cited countries like Norway, Denmark, and Sweden as having reopened their schools but, he also failed to mention what those countries are specifically doing to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Here in the United States, health officials are concerned that if schools and colleges are allowed to reopen in the fall, this may contribute to the second wave of coronavirus hitting the country, even though the United States is still technically dealing with the first wave of the pandemic.

What Could School Reopening’s Look Like In The Fall?

Yes, Oregon has been working hard to reopen over the last month but, there’s no denying that with the state partially reopened in most areas, coronavirus continues to be a major health threat and officials across the state are not eager to contribute to spreading the virus by reopening schools.

Let’s say that schools do reopen in the fall, what could those re-openings look like?

With mask mandates becoming more common across the state, it’s likely that if schools do ultimately reopen in the fall, we could see most schools and universities requiring students to wear masks while they’re in class.

Some schools also may adopt staggered schedules to spread out the number of students in the classroom during the week while others may consider implementing a 50-50 approach of an online curriculum with classroom studies.

Thankfully, in 2020, it’s easier than ever before for parents to home-school their children because programs like K12 make it possible for any child to go to school from home if they have a laptop and a high-speed internet connection.

Although home-schooling has advanced over the years, students still need to have physical connections with other children so that they can avoid becoming socially isolated.

It’s likely that schools will have to physically reopen in some form this fall and that means that we can expect to hear more about this issue in the coming weeks as talks occur state wide about the best way to reopen schools.

What are your thoughts on schools reopening across the state of Oregon? Feel free to leave us a comment on this post.

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