Travel Tips – Where To Go For Unique Oregon Vacations

Are you planning on taking a Unique Oregon Vacation? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Oregon is a wonderful place to take a vacation since there are a wide variety of things to see and do but the big question is where are the best places to take a unique Oregon vacation?

In this article, we will answer this question and offer you several tips on where you should consider taking a unique vacation in Oregon.

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Portland – Tiny House Hotel – A Unique Oregon Vacation

Located in Portland is the Tiny House Hotel, a collection of tiny homes that somehow fit right in to the unique and weird atmosphere that is the Portland area.

This unique Oregon vacation travel destination has only grown in popularity in recent years thanks to the interest in tiny homes but don’t just come for the cool ambiance, stay here because it’s a sweet place to chill and it’s also part of the Alberta Arts District as well.

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Central Oregon – Green Ridge Lookout

Located in Camp Sherman, Oregon is the Green Ridge Lookout, a destination that literally enables you to spend the night 20 feet above it all.

Open May through October, this Oregon hotel absolutely one of the most unique in Oregon but it’s also important to remember that you have to bring your own food, water and toilet paper if you want to stay here.

When you come, there’s going to be intensely rewarding views and also the knowledge that you’re just a few feet away from hunting, fishing and hiking trails, so book your stay now, and get ready to enjoy Oregon’s beauty.

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Oregon Coast – Heceta Head Lighthouse Inn

Last of all, but most important, is the Heceta Head Lighthouse Inn located in Yachats, Oregon.

What’s not to love about this destination? For starters, it’s an historic landmark that’s been here for generations so there’s the wonderful ambiance of the Oregon Coast combined with a lighthouse that’s guided ships along the coast for years.

Book your reservation here and you will be stating in the iconic inn keepers house that also includes 4 guest bedrooms and guests can expect a seven-course menu with delicious local fare before they head out for the day to explore the Oregon Coast.

We’ve given you three great destinations for a unique Oregon Vacation! Now it’s your turn, listen to your sense of adventure and book the once in a lifetime vacation in Oregon before another year passes you by.