Day #4 

On day 4 of your Oregon Road Trip, we recommend that you drive from Newport all the way down to Brookings because it is 4 Hour + journey that will enable you to see the remainder of the Oregon Coastline including all the beauty that the area has to offer.

The good thing about the Brookings area is that there is a wide variety of beaches to choose from that also offer a plethora of agates and other Beach area Adventures.

What’s even better about the Brookings area is that it doesn’t matter if you come to the area during the summer, spring, or winter, there’s always something new to see and you never have to be concerned about bad weather stopping you from being able to access the beach.

Here you will have plenty of great beach access, even during the summer months, so we recommend stopping down here if you’re a beach lover who wants to be able to enjoy beach combing, hunting for shells or surfing without having to deal with crowds.

Brookings also does offer a few good restaurants to choose from, and there are several local motels that are affordably priced that won’t break your budget.

Day #5 

On day number five of your Oregon road trip we recommend driving from Brookings to Grant’s Pass. This final leg of your journey through Oregon will take you through the lush forests that Southern Oregon has to offer, including parts of California, since you actually have to leave Oregon for a bit while you are on the 2 hour journey before you re-enter Oregon and make your way to Grant’s Pass.

Grants Pass is a friendly town with lots of things to see and do including local vineyards, parks, art museums, wineries, restaurants, shops and stores.

If you plan on staying the night here, you will find affordably prices hotels / motels and plenty of great restaurants that offer budget friendly meals.

Once you decide to leave Grant’s Pass, you can easily get on Highway 5 and make the four hour journey back to Portland where you can conveniently drop your rental car off back at the PDX airport and catch a flight back home.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these Oregon Road Trip posts!

On your next road trip to Oregon we recommend heading to Central Oregon because there’s also an abundance of things to see and places to explore!

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