Where Are The Best Places To Go Stand Up Paddle Boarding In Oregon?

Are you planning your next Oregon vacation but you’re also wondering where you should go stand-up paddle boarding?

Thankfully, there are tons of great spots to enjoy this great recreational activity in the state of OR.

In this article, we will provide you with several paddle boarding locations that you should consider adding to your next vacation here.

Central Oregon

From Sisters to Bend, there are a wide variety of excellent spots across our state to enjoy stand-up paddle boarding and one of the best is the Deschutes River.

What’s ideal about the Deschutes River is that there are many places to take off, and when you Paddle Board through Bend, you can enjoy hanging out with other chill people who make paddle boarding and staying active a way of life.

Besides the Deschutes River, if you drive 20 minutes away, there are a wide variety of other excellent paddle boarding destinations that are well worth the drive including Shuttle Lake and Devils Lake!

Southern Oregon Coast

Head over to Brookings, and you will find some of the best Paddle Boarding spots in the State of OR.

Brookings is an ideal paddle boarding destination because the area is also known as the ‘banana belt’ and this means it enjoys moderate weather all year, especially during the winter months.

Besides paddle boarding on local rivers like the Chetco River, we also recommend paddle-boarding along local Brookings’s area beaches as well.

Eastern Oregon

One of the great things about Oregon is that our state has no shortage of lakes, especially in Eastern Oregon, where there’s a variety of excellent lakes to choose from for paddle boarding including Wallowa Lake and Strawberry lake.

Now is the perfect time to go paddleboarding in here because we’re going to enjoy a few more months of warm weather so pack your bags, paddleboards and go enjoy another thing that makes our state beautiful.