Are you thinking about taking an Oregon road trip this summer but you’re also wondering where are the best views in Oregon?

Besides being a state that has plenty of excellent recreation options, Oregon is one of the top states for taking in beautiful views, this is why in this article we will share with you our picks for the best views in the State of Oregon.

Oregon Coast

Brookings Area – One of the great things about visiting Brookings is the benefit of being a short drive to multiple beaches. For a great view, head over to Lone Ranch beach. Here you will find plenty of fantastic places to take in the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful nature of the Coast.

Ecola State Park – A short drive from Brookings is Ecola State Park in the Cannon Beach area. We like this viewpoint because here you can see stunning horizons and excellent points of interest like Tillamook Rock Lighthouse.

Southern Oregon

Crater Lake – It’s one of our most iconic destinations, and for good reason. Crater Lake has some of the best views in OR including Watchman Peak Trail, a trail that’s less than a mile in length, and an excellent spot for taking pictures all year long.

Northwest Oregon

Vista House – Just 45 minutes from Portland is another iconic spot in Oregon for taking in some beautiful views. At Crown Point Vista House you will enjoy panoramic views of the Columbia River and get a taste of what Lewis and Clark saw when they first came her long ago.

Mt Hood – Skiing, snowboarding, hiking is just some of the most common things to do at Mt Hood but this hotspot for travel in Oregon is also an excellent place to visit for the views, especially Timberline Lodge, a historic alpine lodge that attracts visitors all year long.

Central Oregon

Smith Rock State Park – What’s not to love about Central OR? One of our favorite destinations for views is Smith Rock, an excellent spot for spending the day, taking pictures, and more.

Mt Bachelor – There are so many great spots for views in Central OR that it’s hard to pick just one! Another great spot to visit is Mt Bachelor. Here you will have a great spot to visit all year long, especially during the summer months because snow is still visible at the higher elevations of Mt Bachelor in July-August.

Eastern Oregon

Hells Canyon – Don’t just drive through Eastern OR without experiencing some of the great vistas here including Hells Canyon. At this  Travel Destination, there are awesome views of the Wallowa Whitman National Forest another great place that’s also an example of why Oregon is Beautiful.