If you ask an Oregon resident where is one of your favorite places to visit in the state of Oregon? They will tell you that Crater Lake is on their top 10 list of favorite Oregon places.

Crater Lake National Park has been one of the states most visited places for over 100 years, it’s famous for its deep blue color water which has remarkable clarity.

The “crater”, in Crater Lake, was formed about 10,000 Years Ago by the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama and thanks to this event we can enjoy the beauty of Crater Lake and the geologic features that the area offers.

Deepest Lake In the United States

With a depth of clothes to 2,000 feet, Crater Lake ranks as one of the deepest lakes in the United States and, the lake has the ninth deepest lake in the entire world.

Crater Lake features two small islands. Wizard Island, located near the western shore of the lake, is a cinder cone approximately 316 acres (128 ha) in size. Phantom Ship, a natural rock pillar, is located near the southern shore.

In 2002, one of the state’s regular-issue license plate designs has featured Crater Lake. The commemorative Oregon State Quarter, which was released by the United States Mint in 2005, features an image of Crater Lake on its reverse.

Best Time Of Year To Visit Crater Lake

If you enjoy the outdoors like most Oregonians, the best time of year to visit Crater Lake is all year long because the area is always changing, and for people who are prepared to enjoy the outdoors responsibly there’s always something to do.

For people who like to casually enjoy the outdoors though, the best time of year to visit Crater Lake is between July through September. This is when the park’s trails and roads are going to be fully open, ready for a large number of people to visit the area and experience the beauty that it has to offer them.

Let’s say that you don’t want to deal with the people that will be flocking to Crater Lake during the summer months. No problem! Try visiting the area between May and June because, the park will be open, but it’s important for you to remember that there may still be snow on the ground so it’s best to come prepared with supplies including warm clothing, blankets, food, and chains for your tires if needed.

Crater Lake consistently ranks as one of the top 10 Oregon places to visit, to learn more about Crater Lake visit the State website by clicking here or research Crater Lake online.