Camping Oregon Part 1

Are you thinking about going camping in Oregon? If so, you’ve come to the right place! 

Oregon is one of the best states to go camping because we have hundreds of great camping sites across the state so it’s possible to go camping every weekend during the summer months and never visit the same destination twice.

With the state of Oregon reopening camp sites by June 9th, it’s likely that this summer is going to be one of the busiest ever as more people will be eager to go camping and escape the confines of their homes that they’ve been locked down in for months.

Best Places To Go Camping Near Portland

One of the great things about the Portland OR area is that there are a wide variety of campsites that are within 30 minutes or less from the city. Some of the best campsites near the PDX area include:

Trillium Lake – Bring friends, family, and furry friends for a relaxing and unforgettable weekend at Trillium Lake. Trillium Lake is the epitome of serene lakeside camping, with stunning views of Mount Hood. Bring a camera to capture the stunning reflection of Mt. Hood on the lake.

Burnt Lake – Just over an hour from downtown Portland, Burnt Lake is the ultimate backpackers weekend destination. You need only hike for four miles to reach the campsites at Burnt Lake. After setting up camp, hikers can feel free to follow the trail the rest of the way to the summit of Zig Zag Mountain. You’ll enjoy gorgeous views of Mount Hood throughout the duration of your trip.

Silver Falls State ParkSilver Falls State Park is easily accessible from Portland, with ample flora and fauna to enjoy. Choose from a tent or a more comfortable, yet rustic, heated cabin. Nearby is the Trail of Ten Falls Loop – a gorgeous hike where you pass by (and under!) many waterfalls. Silver Falls State Park is also a great location for mountain bikers and cyclists.

Camping Resumes In Oregon On June 9th, But Some Services Will Be Limited

Even though we’re eager to go camping, it’s important to remember that camp sites will not reopen until June 9th and some services will be limited.

What does this mean? Campers will only be able to reserve camp sites just two weeks out, some restrooms at camp sites may be closed and campers are encouraged to come prepared because there may be less staff than normal at Oregon’s camp sites then before Coronavirus.