Clothing That Celebrates the Beauty of Oregon

Oregon is Beautiful Gear

One thing that’s true about Oregon is that you either live here, or want to live here.

Local company Pickled Apparel has capitalized on the passion that many people have for Portland and the State of Oregon as a whole by creating hats, hoodies, tee-shirts, and other gear that’s designed for anyone who wants to share their love for Oregon wherever they go.

About Pickled Apparel 

Locally owned and operated, Pickled Apparel has found success with sharing their passion for Oregon with the world thanks to the clothing lines that they have produced.

Our favorite clothing line that they have produced is obviously the “Oregon is Beautiful” clothing line because this line features cool hats, hoodies, and tee-shirts that are instantly recognizable and make people want to learn more about our beautiful state.

Multiple Clothing Lines to Choose From

The Oregon is Beautiful clothing line is becoming more popular outside of the State of Oregon thanks to the wide variety of people who have worn their shirts, hats, or hoodies even while traveling out of state.

In recent years, the CEO of the company has been branching the company’s clothing lines off into new directions. They’ve recently created a new clothing line for pet lovers (My Best Friend Apparel) and Patriot Posse, a clothing line that they created for the purpose of donating a portion of the proceeds from sales to Veterans groups.

Like the Oregon is Beautiful gear, the Patriot Posse clothing line has taken off and become very popular since it’s launch, especially in this day and age when more people are more patriotic than ever before and want to show their passion for this country.

Order Online

To learn more about Pickled Apparel, or to order some of their new clothing online, contact them today by clicking here. They offer tons of great merchandise to choose from on their website, contact them today to learn more, you will be glad that you did!

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