There are so many great towns that make Oregon the beautiful state that it is and Estacada is one of those great towns!

Located just 45 minutes from he PDX area, people come to Estacada every year to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, especially during the summer months, because the city has a wide variety of cultural events during the summer including concerts and festivals.

Estacada History

Founded in the early 20th Century, Estacada currently has a population of under 5,000 residents and that makes it an ideal place to live since it’s pretty easy to get to know your neighbors here or have a conversation with someone that you pass on the street.

There’s some controversy surrounding the towns name though, some historians think that it’s based on the names Esther and Kate (daughters of some of the city’s early civic leaders) while others feel that the towns name means “marked with stakes” or “log boom” in other languages.

Regardless of the origin of the city name, Estacada is an Oregon town that you should cross off your “bucket list” of Oregon towns especially if you like spending time outdoors hiking, mountain biking or paddle boarding.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Estacada?

Estacada is without a doubt a great town to visit during the summer months but if you’re interested in visiting a town where you can just get away, don’t hesitate to visit here during the winter or spring because there’s plenty of great bed and breakfasts plus places to stay in the area.

To learn more about Estacada visit the town’s website at