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It’s day #3 of your Oregon Road Trip. It’s a warm 70 degrees outside and the perfect day for getting in your car and taking the next leg of your journey.

After having breakfast and coffee in Seaside, you’re going to head down highway 101 to down to Newport. It’s about 3 hours away from Seaside and the perfect opportunity for you to take a nice coastal drive.

Driving down the 101 you’re going to pass through small towns Tillamook, Lincoln City and Depot Bay so you should take the time to stop and rest along the way and have lunch in one of these iconic small towns during your road trip.

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What To Do In Newport, OR

Once you’re in Newport, the first thing you will want to do is book your stay in a local hotel. There are many to choose from here from $55/night to $250/night. If you want to stay by the water we recommend saying in Schooner Landing because you will have views of the ocean here while still being close to town.

After booking a room in Newport, head out to explore the area. You might need a light jacket though since Newport can be on the cool side even during the summer months so it’s best to come prepared.

If you visit Newport in August there’s plenty of things to do including weekly art exhibits, live music and local festivals as well.

Besides the variety of things to do in Newport, there are also plenty of shops and stores to visit including Nye Beach Book House and Wendy’s Trading Post, if you’re in the mood to shop for knick-knack.

For dinner, you should opt for seafood because there’s nothing better than enjoying seafood that is freshly caught. We recommend Georgie’s Beachside Grill since they offer a great dinning experience with awesome food!

That’s if for day #3! Follow our blog to find out where we recommend that you head next on day #4 of your Oregon road trip!

Newport Oregon
Newport Oregon

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