Best Surf Spots In Oregon

A searching for information on the best surf spots in Oregon? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

The fall is typically one of the best times of year to go surfing in Oregon because of the simple fact that this is you’re going to find the cleanest waves.

If you’re thinking about going surfing in Oregon or the next couple of months, this article will provide you with several tips on the best surf spots in Oregon.

What To Do Before Surfing In Oregon

One of the most important things to remember to do before you go surfing in Oregon, regardless if it’s during the fall or other times a year, is to make sure that you’re prepared for anything.

The weather in Oregon can be legendary at times, and even though the water may be fairly comfortable, it can dip down to 40 degrees very quickly, so it’s best to wear a wet suit when you go surfing.

Besides wearing a wetsuit, you should always come prepared for surfing in Oregon by bringing a pair of sneakers, or flip-flops to get to the beach, a light jacket, sunscreen and it’s best to use surfing etiquette when hitting local beaches.

Best Surf Spots In Oregon

Indian Beach – Located close to Tillamook is the wonderful Indian Beach. A place that’s sheltered from the winds, and the brakes come mostly from the right.

This is a great Beach to go surfing in Oregon because it’s ideal for beginners and an awesome spot to visit if you just want to come out for a low-key surf session without a lot of drama.

Cannon Beach – Another iconic place to go surfing in Oregon is Cannon Beach. Here you’ll find a great spot to get your surf session on and what’s also awesome about this area is that the waves are mellow, so it’s an ideal surfing location for beginners as well.

The best time to go surfing here it’s on a wind free day (either in the early morning or in the evening) because, Cannon Beach is also one of the best tourist attractions in Oregon so if you get here in the middle of the day, don’t be surprised to have to fight off the tourists.

Pacific City Beach – Last of all, but most important, Pacific City Beach is another sweet place to go surfing in Oregon because, it’s possible to find some awesome swells, nice breaks, and surfing conditions which are excellent for beginner and intermediate Surfers.

Oregon Has The Right Surf Conditions For Everyone

It doesn’t matter where you surf, Oregon has awesome conditions for everyone. Be sure that you plan your trip early and come prepared for anything because, with global warming and fire, it’s important for today’s surfer to be ready and able to change their plans and adapt to these Changing Times all the while continuing to enjoy surfing at local beaches.